New tree planting in 23-24 & recently

The Council and its partners are looking at many ways of dealing with the effects of Climate Change and making the borough more resilient to its effects.

Planting Trees is one way of trying to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere.

Trees not only define our park landscape but also make our greenspaces more resilient to the effects of Climate Change, thus making Hounslow a healthier environment to live in.

Trees also provide increased food sources for insects, birds and mammals and humans; connectivity between the borough’s greenspaces; diversity within the boroughs tree species; improved landscapes & active land management; shade & cooling; and enjoyment of the natural world for residents and visitors.

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September 2023
Japanese Pagoda Tree is our Tree of the Month

As the summer draws to a close, there are one or two tree species that actually start flowering.

One of these is the Japanese Pagoda Tree which comes into flower in late August and can keep going until the start of October. The trouble with this species is that it needs a warm summer to ensure good flowering, and this year, in London at least, it's been a bit disappointing. So while it's warmed up in September, it might not be enough to ensure we see many flowers this year. The best thing to do then, is make a note of where your nearest tree is, hope for a warmer summer in 2022, and come back next September!