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March 2024
Cherry Plum is our Tree of the Month

Perhaps the first blossom trees most people will encounter not far from their own front doors are the Purple Cherry Plums.

Widely planted across London, they have already started showing their blossom, which in fact, is a little later this year than in some years. There are two cultivars you are likely to come across, 'Pissardii' with pale pink, almost white flowers (like the ones above), and 'Nigra' with pinker blooms. The flowers of these trees are perhaps their loveliest attribute, they are followed by very deep purple leaves that can look a little foreboding, especially when they are planted in groups or avenues.

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Ilkley Trees Initiative has been formed to protect and increase the tree cover in Ilkley. We would like to act now to see our existing trees and new trees enjoyed by future generations. The members of the group include people from the Civic Society, Ilkley in Bloom and Climate Action Ilkley. We hope Greentalk for Ilkley will increase people’s awareness and enjoyment of our trees. It has been set up in conjunction with the Bradford Council Tree Team. You can keep in touch by Following us.
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