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8 December 2021
Welcome to Bradford Greentalk!
Bradford Greentalk is a unique service to help residents connect with and explore the borough’s nature and wildlife, including trees, parks and much more. See all the trees managed by the council, and explore them using maps and walking routes.
8 December 2021
The City of Bradford launches Greentalk in Ilkley
The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, have focussed their attention on celebrating the trees in their area in collaboration with Ilkley Trees Initiative.
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May 2022
Bird Cherry is our Tree of the Month

One of the last cherries to flower is bird cherry, a tree native to the UK, although not the south east of England. Despite that, it thrives in urban areas all over the country including in London where it can be seen very frequently.

Unlike the flowering cherries that make such an impression earlier in the spring bird cherry flowers in May and also unlike thos ornamental trees, it holds its flowers in spikes. These white flower spikes point in all directions, appearing to cover the canopy with hundreds of ice creams!

Bird cherries are also distinguished from other Prunus species by their smooth grey bark which does not have the horizontal slits – or lenticels – which are so conspicuous on other species in this genus.

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Ilkley Trees Initiative
Ilkley Trees Initiative has been formed to protect and increase the tree cover in Ilkley. We would like to act now to see our existing trees and new trees enjoyed by future generations. The members of the group include people from the Civic Society, Ilkley in Bloom and Climate Action Ilkley. We hope Greentalk for Ilkley will increase people’s awareness and enjoyment of our trees. It has been set up in conjunction with the Bradford Council Tree Team. You can keep in touch by Following us.
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