Tips for using Greentalk
Published on Sunday, 29 May 2022 by Ilkley
It is worth playing with the system to find all the things it can tell you about trees in Ilkley. Here are some tips to get you started...

1) It’s useful to understand that Greentalk is organised on two levels:  Bradford is the top level and Ilkley is a neighbourhood within Bradford.  At the moment Ilkley is the only neighbourhood but more could be added in the future.

2) If you are on the Bradford level and want to switch to the Ilkley level use the menu in the top righthand corner to click on Ilkley.  If you are on the Ilkley level and want to go up to the Bradford level click on “Bradford Greentalk” in the top left hand corner.
Note that the Create a Green Walk function is only available from the Bradford level.

3) When you click on a tree you usually get a photo and description of the species on the left side of your screen which is very useful.  But note that these are generic and don’t describe the particular tree in Ilkley.  We hope we can improve on that in the future.

4) When you click on a “Visit Map” button you will see a map of Ilkley which you can zoom in and out of.  Don’t miss the bar at the bottom of the map which lets you see which species are in the view.  For example zoom in on Spence Gardens (corner of Grove Road and Kings Rd) and you should see Indian Bean Tree listed. Click on this and you will see a blue circle around the tree on the map. It is worth spending a bit of time playing with this feature as it is a great way of learning about the trees round about you.

5) The data about trees in Ilkley has been built up over the years by different people in the Bradford Trees Team.  Don’t expect it to be 100% accurate and some are missing or set to a default value.  The Ilkley Trees Initiative hope to improve this over time.